I got to know about Fractional Resurfacing with PRP at the Bay Dermatology Centre!

I am a 66 yr old woman who was very self conscious of significant wrinkling, the result of years of sun damage, and decided to seek professional advice at Bay Dermatology Center. I wasn’t looking for a radical change, I merely wanted to look “good for my age”. Dr. Salsberg could not have been more warm, understanding & professional. She consulted with Betty Lavari, their aesthetic manager, and suggested fractional resurfacing with PRP. After my first 3 sessions, I could not be more thrilled with the results! It’s more than I had ever expected. The change was gradual, my neck initially showing the most improvement. The difference is so subtle & yet noticeable enough that friends are asking me if have changed hair stylists. They also wonder if I have lost weight (regrettably no). My heart soars when I hear this. Strangers have complimented my smile (hasn’t changed), and even asked what skin care products I use. My husband has been very supportive and feels that I do indeed look younger & brighter. The best compliment of all is the one from my beautiful daughter who says I just look great! Still me, just fresher! I even feel confident enough to wear ponytails and show off my neckline! I am now very excited to be embarking on my second 3 part series of fractional resurfacing with PRP treatments. Betty has made the whole experience so comfortable & positive and with far better results than I had hoped possible without surgery. I highly recommend this to all my fellow sun-loving baby boomers. It’s truly remarkable.

Thank-you Bay Dermatology Team,

I had been interested in the UltraShape procedure for some time when I found myself at the Bay Dermatology Centre with my daughter.

While I waited for my daughter’s appointment I picked up a brochure on UltraShape and checked out the before and after pictures. I took an UltraShape brochure home with me and decided that I should get a consultation to find out what the procedure actually entails, if I was a candidate for the procedure, and of course the costs. I am active, exercise regularly and have a healthy diet, but I still had areas of fat that no amount of exercise seemed to budge! UltraShape was going to be my reward for staying fit through three pregnancies while pursuing a career. Why not? Doesn’t Superwoman look great?


I met with Betty and felt at ease right away. Betty presented the variety of procedures available to achieve the kind of fat loss I was looking for in a professional yet personable way. I was instantly struck by her dedication to patient comfort and care. Betty, ultimately, allowed me to make an informed choice.

I proceeded with the UltraShape treatment right away. I was a little nervous before the first procedure. I knew it was supposed to be painless but I have a low tolerance for pain and frankly, I thought that there had to be some amount of pain.


The first step was setting the benchmark measurements and taking the before pictures. This was followed by a 10 minute Radio Frequency (RF) treatment to prepare the fat cells. The RF treatment felt like a really good deep tissue massage. For the next step, Betty isolated and taped the target area making sure that I was properly tented so that the cooling gel didn’t damage my clothes. Once that was done, the UltraShape machine was prepared for the treatment. I was impressed by the technology used for UltraShape it’s right out of a science fiction movie. It has a camera that works with the computer system to map out the optimal pin-points targeting stubborn fat cells. The machine also keeps track of patient details as well as the end results!


While I read my book in comfort, Betty positioned the camera and input my details. Within minutes, the machine was ready to go and had created a laser pattern on its screen mapping out the pin-points that would be treated. Betty checked to make sure everything was ready and started following the computer’s map with the hand-held wand. When I glanced to check the progress of the treatment, I could see the pin-points disappearing as they were zapped. There is no room for error. Best of all, no pain! Sometimes there was a little discomfort but not enough to distract me from my book or stop me from exchanging some pleasantries and feedback with Betty. The first procedure took about two hours from the moment I walked in to the treatment room to the moment I left to treat myself with a skinny latte. There was absolutely no downtime. And, I could see and feel a clear difference in about a week.


My second treatment was a month later. Given the improvement I had seen I wasn’t totally shocked by the reduction in circumference. I lost _5_ cm in one treatment.

The fat loss and improvements were dynamic. I continued to lose fat and decrease in circumference after my second and third treatments. (Might I add that it was winter and warm and comforting food was my constant companion during these treatments.)


My second and third treatments were much the same as my first. As there was less fat to treat, the UltraShape technology recognized the change and adjusted it’s pin-point map. This meant that the treatments took progressively less time. Less fat also meant that there was some increase in discomfort, again, not enough to disturb my reading.

All through the treatments and in between, Betty and the doctors and staff at the Bay Dermatology Clinic were professional and friendly. The office and facilities from the waiting room to the treatment rooms are orderly, modern and welcoming.


After three successful treatments, I lost a visible amount of really stubborn fat and _5_cm in circumference. I look better, I feel great, I’m glad I chose UltraShape!

Thank you Betty! Thank you Dr. Skotnicki and the Bay Dermatology Clinic!

Antonella C.

I was very pleased with my results. I have done two Profractional treatments. My skin looks smoother, the variation is pigmentation has resolved. I feel comfortable not wearing any foundation. A number of people who do not know I had the treatment have noticed how wonderful my skin looks. I would highly recommend this procedure.

The discomfort during the procedure was less than I expected. The recovery time was also easier than I anticipated. I am truly amazed at what a difference Profractional treatment makes. The technician phoned after the procedure to follow up and see if I had any questions. I really felt like I was well taken care of.


I am so pleased with my laser treatments, and I wanted you to know. After five visits, I feel that the result has been well worth the cost and small amount of discomfort. You did a very good job of making each visit as comfortable, informative and professional as possible.

Thanks again. Sincerely,

The 6 treatments my Doctor recommended for sun damaged skin, broken capillaries and rosacea are now more than halfway through. The Profractional resurfacing laser and photofacial [IPL] have had some good results, so far. Profractional should reduce my surgery scars and some fine wrinkles, but, so far Im seeing just a little change for the better, more evidence of tightening of skin. Down time is about 4 days. The Cicaplast by La Roche Posay cream helped speed my healing and then the pro derm 5% night cream. Since I was unable to get the same cream form, last month, I used a lotion with 5% and 2% this month, and didnt like it as much, although results where the same.


IPL treatment had only hours downtime for me. It has already given me less rosacea outbreaks, and has shrunk my broken capillaries. Using the same products as above and the marvelous 60 SPF sunblock that Pro Derm anti-wrinkle tinted moisturizer makes, leaves my skin looking wonderful (even without makeup). It really is great applying only one cream that does it all.


During these months of treatment I’ve also been using the Pro Derm mask, TerreusMasque, once a week, with additional good results.

My next couple of treatments are booked and Ill update this letter of recommendation a few months after, to complete my report of results.

Jacquie Erikson

Following is my experience with ProFractional Treatment:

I found the treatment virtually painless. The numbing cream applied an hour before procedure is wonderful and ensures you hardly feel anything. Maura is very conscientious of advising you as she goes over more sensitive areas and ensuring you are doing fine.


The first time you see your face is a bit of a shock but it looks exactly as advised, an overall face sun-burn. You definitely need two full days of down time and its a great time to do some nesting. I found that on 3rd day you could apply a good sunscreen followed by a mineral-base foundation and go out if necessary. Everyday the redness lessens and by day 4 its practically gone.


A definite must following treatment is the recommended Cicaplast to keep your skin moisturized. I applied it every 1 to 2 hours for the first two days and then as needed till I finished it and found it very healing. I also found as needed in first couple of days, that a cold washcloth placed gently on face was very soothing before the application of the Cicaplast.


Another wonderful – and now added to my must haves in my skin regiment – is the Terreus Masque. After the Fractional treatment before leaving the office, this masque is applied to your face and it cools and soothes it. I used it the second day after treatment, then every 3 to 4 days. It leaves your skin feeling fabulously fresh and smooth. Its like a mini spa treatment!


The changes in your skin are suppose to start and continue for 3 to 4 months following treatment and thus far, I have already seen an improvement in skin texture, color evenness and smoothness. I suffered from a huge brown spot on my left check which has diminished greatly with this treatment whereas nothing else I had tried really helped before.


I definitely recommend the Fractional treatment to anyone seeking some positive changes to aging skin or has skin issues (texture, tone) that have proven stubborn to other procedures.


As someone with mature skin, I feel I have benefitted from the different treatments and products. Both the IPL/Photorejuvenation and Microdermabrasion exceeded my expectations. My skin feels smother, looks clearer and fresher and my brown spots have disappeared.

Combining these two types of treatments work quite well together. However I would recommend using numbing cream prior to the IPL treatment as it improves the experience.


I have also been having Botox treatments and I am very pleased with the results. The furrows between my eyes disappear and I have found it improves my overall attitude.

Products I use include Kinerase eye rescue cream for my eyes and Proderm 60 day cream and SPF in one. The first week of using Kinerase I noticed an appreciable difference. The product counteracts darkened skin under the eyes and it is doing just that!


Overall I am satisfied with treatments and products and would recommend them to any prospective clients.


I thank you for the excellent treatment. My results are very satisfactory, the area treated was my neck for smoothness and my husband is ecstatic from the results and so am I! The Pro-Derm Gentle Cleanser and the AHA 5% Night cream are very good and made my skin very soft and looking younger. I plan to use them in the future.

Thank you again!
Eva Gerber