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There are many facial rejuvenation solutions on the market that will help you reverse the signs of aging and restore a youthful appearance. Many of the non-surgical options, including the vast majority of dermal fillers, only offer temporary results and require regular touch-up treatments to maintain your desired look. If you prefer a filler that provides longer-lasting results, you may want to consider Artefill® now called Bellafill®.

Artefill/Bellafill is a unique dermal filler that works much differently from many of the temporary fillers on the market. It is the first and only FDA-approved wrinkle filler that provides permanent support to the skin for wrinkle correction that lasts as long as five years.

The best way to determine whether Artefill/Bellafill is right for you is to speak with Dr. Sandy in person. Please call 416-515-8808  today to schedule a consultation at our office.

How Is Bellafill Different From Other Fillers?

Most dermal fillers are made out of natural or synthetic materials which get broken down and absorbed by your body. As a result, you only experience temporary results that typically don’t last much longer than six months to a year. To maintain your results, you need to return for follow-up treatments once or twice a year.

Bellafill is made out of a collagen microsphere material that doesn’t get absorbed by your body. In addition, this material provides important support to your skin, helping to maintain a wrinkle-free appearance much longer.

Benefits Of Choosing Bellafill

Bellafill offers you the following benefits:

  • Long lasting, elegant wrinkle correction – maintain natural-looking results for as long as 5 years
  • Results are seen immediately
  • Minimally invasive procedure with no downtime – resume normal activities right after treatment
  • Unique collagen microspheres provide a smoother suspension
  • Integrates with your skin to encourage renewal of your own natural collagen
  • Clinically proven to be extremely safe

How Bellafill Works

Bellafill is composed of PMMA (polymethylacrilate) that is injected deep into the skin where the microspheres are surrounded by your own collagen.  This holds them firmly in place to provide long-lasting wrinkle reduction. This form of synthetic filler is one of the most commonly used and has a long history of use in medical implant devices such as bone cement, dentures, pacemakers and others. The microspheres in Bellafill are 5 times smaller than the material in temporary fillers, making it smoother and highly effective.

Dr.Skotnicki is an expert injector and trains other doctors on how to properly administer Artefill/Bellafill. This background ensures that you will receive beautiful, natural-looking, and long-lasting results.