A-PRP (Autlogous Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a natural therapy that exploits the regenerative potentioal contained in our platelets, in order to induce tissue repair and new tissue generation.

A-PRP induces regeneration of the hair bulb environment, increasing blood supply and enhancing hair follicle cell proliferation, resulting in stronger, nicer hairs. In stimulating the hair bul environment, A-PRP provokes a natural process that results in strengthened hairs. It’s natural and “autologous’ quality excludes side effects

The PRP is injectied by a Mesogun, in the skin of the scalp. Minimum of 3 treatemnts are required, 2-4 weeks apart.

Bay Dermatology Centre offers a full range of cosmetic procedures. Referral from another doctor is not necessary to see a dermatologist at the centre for more information on one of our services. Patients can also request to meet with our Registered Nurse who runs the laser area of the clinic to discuss any of the various cosmetic procedures offered at the Bay Dermatolgoy Centre.

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