All Dermaroller® products including the Genuine Dermaroller®, Home-Care-Dermaroller® and Beauty Mouse®, as well as Swissclinical® products are exclusively distributed in Canada by NORDIC SELFCARE INSTITUTE®,your source for cutting-edge cosmeceuticals and medical devices backed by in-depth scientific research.

What is a Dermaroller®?
Genuine Medical Dermaroller® is a hand-held micro-needling device that looks like a shaving razor with a drum. The size of the drum can differ in widths and is embedded with up to 162 fine micro-needles for penetrating the skin. The entire procedure is all-natural and fast:

  1. Your medical professional applies a numbing cream on the area(s) to be treated.
  2. Then rolls the Dermaroller® across the treatment area, puncturing the skin in a specific pattern.
  3. As each fine needle punctures the skin, it creates a channel or micro-wound.
  4. This creates a controlled injury on and below the skin's surface. The "injury" triggers the body to "fill" these micro-wounds by producing new collagen and elastin, and by stimulating skin cell regeneration.
  5. You can resume regular activities immediately.

What is Vital Collagen Induction Therapy®?
Vital Collagen Induction Therapy® is the luxurious marriage of state-of-the-art Medical Dermaroller® technology combined with topical medical grade skincare from Swissclinical®. The Medical Dermaroller® is used to infuse Swissclinical moisture, vitamins and anti-oxidants into the skin. Vital Collagen Induction Therapy® provides up to 200x more penetration of active ingredients into your skin than any other skincare treatment. But that's only the beginning: over the next weeks the combination of Swissclinical® medical grade skincare with Dermaroller® treatments are proven to stimulate both neo-collagenases and neoangiogenesis creating more youthful, healthier skin reducing the signs of aging.

How quickly will I see results?
Your skin will look instantly rejuvenated when you finish your first Vital Collagen Induction Therapy®. But that's only the beginning. Your skin will continue to improve over the next days and weeks as collagen and elastin is built up deep within your skin's structure. For maximum improvement, you may require a series of Vital Collagen Induction Therapy® sessions (your practitioner will make the recommendation) at 8 to12 week intervals; however, unlike many other skin rejuvenation treatments, you will notice great skin improvement after just one treatment.

How does Vital Collagen Induction Therapy® work?
Vital Collagen Induction Therapy® works in two key ways:

  1. Stimulates new collagen and elastin deep within the skin's structure.
    Vital Collagen Induction Therapy® stimulates skin to produce new collagen and elastin to visibly improve the tone, texture and youthful appearance of your skin. The Dermaroller® device is used to produce thousands of microscopic needle-columns in the skin. After a Dermaroller® treatment, new skin cells are generated and blood supply is enhanced. First signs of improvement are seen after 4 to 6 weeks and the process continues over the following months.
  2. Increases penetration of active ingredients by 200x.
    The top most layer of the skin - the epidermis - is extremely effective at blocking all substances from entering the body - this includes the active ingredients in your topical skincare. By rolling the Dermaroller® on the skin's surface you create micro-channels that effortlessly drive active vitamins, lipids and ingredients deeper into your skin. Penetration improved by as much as 200x.

How will I look immediately after treatment?
After the procedure your skin may be red and flushed in appearance similar to the appearance of moderate sunburn. You may also experience skin tightness and mild sensitivity to touch. This will diminish quickly and within the next 48 hours your skin will become completely healed.

Leader in quality and safety
When choosing the SAFEST micro-needling device that provides you the BEST RESULTS, choose the most trusted. Dermaroller® invented the microneedling concept and continues to invest in research and development. Dermaroller® reinvests the largest portion its revenue back into research and development in order to bring to you the highest quality devices available worldwide. Dermaroller® is engineered and manufacturered in Germany to exacting German standards. It is the only GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant and CE (Conformité Européene) certified surgical micro-needling device in the world. Dermaroller® is the only TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and Class II approved surgical device in Australia and the USA.Guaranteed quality and technological advances are just two of many reasons that make Dermaroller® the best and most widely-used micro-needling device in the world.

Are there any side effects? No side effects have been reported in over 500,000 procedures performed worldwide in the past two years. There is minimal pain and zero downtime.

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