How to Detox Safely

The phrase “I’m going to do a detox” is a bit of a misnomer. Our bodies are constantly detoxifying both endogenous and exogenous chemical molecules at all times. A more appropriate way to look at it is to endeavor to assist or make it easier for your body to go about these processes of detoxification. The organs of elimination are the colon, kidneys, lungs, skin and lymphatic system. The function of the liver is to break down toxic chemicals so that they can be excreted by the body. There are many ways to assist the detoxification of the body: from sweating, to drinking more water, to dietary changes. A naturopathic doctor is able to prescribe botanicals and supplements to safely assist the organs of elimination however there are many diet and lifestyle changes that can be made for a simple and highly effective detox program. Here are some helpful tips to help your body eliminate chemicals and waste efficiently:

  • Drink up to 2 litres of water daily. Buy a 1 litre glass or aluminum water bottle and fill it once when you arrive at work and again after lunch. Ensure you have consumed the whole bottle before lunch and a second time before you leave for the day. Coffee, black tea, pop and juice are not good substitutes for water.
  • Squeeze 1/4 of a lemon into a cup of warm water and drink in the morning to stimulate your liver and promote movement of your bowels.
  • Eliminate refined sugars (baked goods, candy, chocolate bars, soda, white breads and pastas) from your diet.
  • Eliminate or reduce alcohol.
  • Include brightly coloured raw and/or lightly steamed vegetables and fruits at each meal and snack to increase fibre and help your bowels move.
  • Sweat! Exercise daily to improve lymphatic drainage.

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